Hello -- our family website was way overdue for a face-lift. We're moving our site to the new Ghost Blog software. We'll be redecorating and updating very soon...

Looking for Andy's Wearable Computing Resource? It has been retired as no longer relavent.

Looking for Andy's mobile app development and support site? Go here!

Looking for Claire's green-oriented blog, "My One Third Acre"? Go here!

Looking for Katie's personal blog? Go here!

Looking for Katie's gluten-free adventures? Go here!

Ghost Blog Info

We're out of development and testing and into production mode for the Ghost Blog software. This site is currently running Ghost 0.4.2 using node 0.10.20 with a MySQL 5.5 DB. The default theme has been slightly tweaked with DISQUS incorporated for comments & discussions.

For more info about Ghost, go to: http://ghost.org

For more info on DISQUS, go to: http://disqus.com